Tamara de Kloe


My name is Tamara de Kloe, Cognitive Neuroscience– and Behavioural Science Research Master student. I am a trainee at the EPAN lab, where I assist in the longitudinal BIBO project on functional and structural maturation of emotional control circuits as a function of early life stressors.

I received a double BSc degree in Social Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience (cum laude) of Utrecht University. My interest span is wide, which shows from the topics I have worked on in the past –e.g. implicit motives in decision-making, sustained attention, and a computational project on Borderline Personality Disorder– as well as from my extra-curricular activities, including international developmental work, managing a dance school, consultancy and political endeavours.

I highly value good and valid methods and statistics, something I focus a lot of my time and energy on. Content-wise, I am currently interesting in the (dynamical) connectivity of the developing brain, too which I plan to dedicate my thesis next year.