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April 2020: Karin Roelofs is introduced as one of the team members of NeuroLabNL (article in Dutch)

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Panic in the crowd

Karin Roelofs and Maria Lojowska appear in the Dutch science TV program Kennis van Nu:

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Stress in young children

Karin Roelofs talks about the effects of stress on young children (Dutch radio npo1).

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Other Media:

• Karin Roelofs gives the Dies Natalis 2019 (in Dutch)

• APS Blog Post on Testosterone and Aggression.

• Karin interviewed about the Utrecht shooting (Algemeen Dagblad, in Dutch)

• Defensive freezing in the brain helps shooting faster (Radboud news)

 Anna Tyborowska interviewed about the effects of stress in the brain for NRC (in Dutch).

• How do we make snap decisions? EU Horizon article.

• 2nd CEPPI Workshop in Magdeburg, Germany:Avoiding danger and searching for safety

• Karin Roelofs talks about the effects of stress on young children (npo1).

• Karin Roelofs featured at NWO.

• What makes you freeze fight or flight? Karin gives a lecture at Universiteit van Nederland.

• Karin talks about emotion regulation in psychopaths in the Volkskrant (article in Dutch).

• In het lab: experimenteren met stress (vox magazine).

• Serious games for police officers under stress.

• Work by Saskia Koch covered in the Volkskrant and AD.

• Testosteron beinvloedt emotieregulatie psychopaat.

• Eindelijk vat op de psychopaat on

• Testosterone influences regulation of emotions in psychopath’s brain

• Testosterone in social anxiety disorder on

• Could testosterone link lead to therapy for psychopathy? on ‘medical news today’.

• Eindelijk vat op de psychopaat on

• Testosterone influences regulation of emotions in psychopath’s brain

• In het lab: Experimenteren met stress – VOX magazine (in Dutch)

• What being scared can do to your vision – blog on the British Psychological Society website

• Radboud Science Award for Karin Roelofs – click here and here for details.

• Testosterone alleviates social avoidance in social anxiety disorder.

• Karin Roelofs on NPO – Radio 2: Overval in Thalys – wat zou jij doen?

• ‘Waarom een shot testosteron helpt tegen sociale angsten’ article in HPdeTijd (in Dutch)

• ‘New vision on amygdala after study on testosterone and fear’ article in Medical Press

• ‘Shot testosteron tegen sociale angst’ article in EOS Wetenschap (in Dutch)

• ‘New vision on amygdala after study on testosterone and fear’ article in Science Daily

• Karin Roelofs, Vanessa van Ast and Hannah Niermann in Katja’s bodyscan.

• Karin Roelofs presents the police study in science program: “De kennis van Nu”.

• Karin Roelofs’ interview for a book: ‘Hersenwerk in uitvoering’. The interview can be found here.

• Vox article: Roelofs: Schiet jij of schiet ik?

• Karin Roelofs and Verena Ly talking to Radbot

• De Volkskrant: Angst is een haperende balans (article in Dutch)

• De Volkskrant: Psychofarmaca helpen om de flipperkast in je hoofd tot rust te brengen -soms. (article in Dutch)

• Psy, monthly journal GGZ Nederland: Testosteron voor vrouwen met sociale fobie (article in Dutch)

• Radboud University Nijmegen: Anterior prefrontal cortex inhibition impairs social emotional action (article in Dutch)

• De Volkskrant: Tussen de oren – vooraan in de hersenen (article in Dutch)

• Science Daily: Poor Cerebral Cortex Functions Leads to More Impulsive Behavior (Inge Volman)

• Labyrinth (VPRO): About stress, pregnancy and fight flight freeze (in Dutch)

• Life twitter show (VPRO) on stress, hormones, and fear (in Dutch)

• KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) colloquium on social phobia

• Radboud University Nijmegen: Endogenous testosterone and social emotional behavior (article in Dutch)

• COGSCIdotNL: Facing Freeze Blog

• Labyrint (VPRO): Human freeze responses: how do we measure them? (movie in Dutch)

• Teleac: Roelofs about anxiety in Helder (movie in Dutch)

• Mare Online: Scared stiff (article in Dutch)

• Leiden University Archive: The socially anxious brain in the scanner

• Radboud University Nijmegen: Mosaic-grant for Verena Ly (article in Dutch)

• Radboud University Nijmegen: Karin Roelofs-Professor of Experimental Psychopathology (article in Dutch)

• Leiden University: Veni grant for Muriel Hagenaars