Moniek Hutschemaekers


My name is Moniek Hutschemaekers. I have obtained both a Research Master in Behavioural Science and a Master in Healthcare Psychology from the University of Nijmegen. I have always been interested in bridging the gap between research and the clinical practice. I am specifically interested in research targeting patient groups that do not benefit form evidence-based treatments. After my graduation I started working as a psychologist and researcher at Pro Persona Overwaal: an outpatient center for anxiety disorders. Here, I worked on research projects with a focus on fear extinction in patients with an anxiety disorder and with cognitive bias modification in patients with PTSD. In 2018 I obtained my BIG license as Healthcare Psychologist. Currently, I am part of a Top Class program in which I combine the post-master educational program for Specialists (Clinical Psychologist) with an external PhD project. My PhD project is a collaboration between the ‘Nijmegen Centre for Anxiety and Affective Disorders Research and Expertise’ (NijCare) and the EPAN lab. In my project, I examine the augmentation effects of testosterone on exposure therapy for social anxiety disorders.



Hutschemaekers, M. H. M., de Kleine, R. A., Davis, M. L., Kampman, M., Smits, J. A. J., & Roelofs, K. (2020). Endogenous testosterone levels are predictive of symptom reduction with exposure therapy in social anxiety disorder. Psychoneuroendocrinology

Enter, D., Hutschemaekers, M. H. M., & Roelofs, K. (2019). Neuroendocrinological aspects of social anxiety and aggression-related disorders. Schultheiss, OC; Mehta, PH (ed.), Routledge international handbook of social neuroendocrinology