Mariana Carneiro de Andrade


Mariana Carneiro de Andrade moved to Nijmegen after graduating from Maastricht University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences to start the Cognitive Neuroscience Research Master at Radboud University (Perception, Action, and Decision-making track). She joined the EPAN lab as an intern during her second year in September 2021. Under the supervision of Dr. James Livermore, she investigated the effects of freezing under threat on learning in volatile environments using computational models and neuroimaging techniques (fMRI).

One year later, she graduated and started working as a research assistant in the lab. Together with Dr. Floris Klumpers she is investigating the effects of a virtual reality biofeedback training (DUST) on a student population. She is also working on the longitudinal Police in Action study which aims to improve our understanding of resilience and the development of PTSD symptoms. Finally, she is working with Dr. Bob Bramson on his study where transcranial ultrasound (TUS) is used to bias approach-avoidance behaviour.