Isabel Woyke


Hi, I’m Isabel Woyke. I completed both the Master Health Care Psychology and the Research Master Behavioural Science at the Radboud University and started with my PhD project at the Behavioral Science Institute in 2015. My main research interest lies in understanding the psychological and neurobiological mechanisms underlying dysfunctional decision-making, and their role in the development and maintenance of problematic behaviors and psychopathologies. With my PhD project I investigate the interplay between anxiety and testosterone in decision-making under risk and ambiguity and I mainly use behavioral decision-making paradigms, cognitive modeling, hormonal assessment and administration.

Selected publications:

Foerde, K., Figner, B., Doll, B. B., Woyke, I. C., Braun, E. K., Weber, E. U., & Shohamy, D. (2016). Dopamine Modulation of Intertemporal Decision-making: Evidence from Parkinson’s Disease. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 28, 657-667.