Bob Bramson


My name is Bob Bramson. I am a phd student at the EPAN lab, where I study the electrophysiological mechanisms that underlie the control over emotional actions, under supervision of Karin Roelofs and Ivan Toni. More specifically, I study how the prefrontal cortex can override automatically elicited emotional or defensive (re)actions to salient information and instead select alternative actions.
To study these processes we use a combination of neuroimaging and neuromodulation techniques (e.g. MEG, DTI, fMRI, and tACS-fMRI). This allows us to study how the prefrontal cortex elicits control over downstream areas such as the amygdala, sensorimotor- and parietal cortex. Investigating how these areas communicate over time to form connectional networks allows mechanistically informed types of brain stimulation that might one day be used to augment control over these automatic emotional behaviors.



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Bramson, B., Jensen, O., Toni, I., & Roelofs, K. (2018). Cortical oscillatory mechanisms supporting the control of human social-emotional actions. Journal of Neuroscience

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