Bob Bramson


My name is Bob Bramson. I am a phd student at the EPAN lab, where I study the electrophysiological mechanisms that underlie the control over emotional actions, under supervision of Karin Roelofs, Ivan Toni and Ole Jensen. More specifically, I study how the prefrontal cortex can override action tendencies that are automatically triggered by emotional stimuli or situations.
To study these processes I use an approach-avoidance paradigm, in combination with a wide range of neuroimaging techniques (MEG, DTI, fMRI). This allows us to not only map the spatial distribution of neural activity (fMRI) but also investigate how different areas communicate over time, form connectional networks (MEG) and see how communication is gated by structural connectivity between brain areas (DTI).
Before I started at EPAN I completed the Research Master Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, specializing in Brain & Cognition. In my thesis project I studies how visual attention can be divided over several spatial locations using EEG and SSVEP techniques at the Cognition and Plasticity lab of Heleen Slagter.



Bramson, B., Jensen, O., Toni, I., & Roelofs, K. (2018). Cortical oscillatory mechanisms supporting the control of human social-emotional actions. Journal of Neuroscience, 3382-17.

Hartogsveld, B., Bramson, B., Vijayakumar, S., van Campen, A. D., Marques, J. P., Roelofs, K., … & Mars, R. B. (2017). Lateral frontal pole and relational processing: Activation patterns and connectivity profile. Behavioural brain research.