Anna Dapprich


Hey, my name is Anna Dapprich. Before starting my PhD, I did two masters, mental health care and behavioral science research, at the RU in Nijmegen. Now, I am working at the Behavioural Science and Donders Institute. In my research, I approach social anxiety on a continuum: being slightly afraid of social evaluation is normal, but too much and too little might lead to serious problems. Too much social anxiety is also known as social phobia, social anxiety disorder or avoidant personality disorder, and highly restricts an individual’s well-being and social functioning. Too little or lacking social anxiety, however, bears striking resemblance to psychopathy and detrimentally impacts society as a whole. I want to understand both ends of the social anxiety continuum. As such, I am investigating the (dis)similarities between both in terms of spontaneous action tendencies, as well as underlying cognitive, biological and emotional mechanisms. A better knowledge of these conditions will lead to better theories and in the long run, hopefully open up new avenues for treatment.