Abele Michela


Hi! I’m a Phd student here. My project is centered on the implementation of a training program for policemen. The aim of the training is to improve decision making under stress. It will include Virtual reality, Biofeedback, electroencephalographic (EEG) measurements and potentially also neurofeedback. My main interest is in the characterization of optimal bio markers for decision making and stress regulation, and their implementation in a feedback context.

I started academia with a bachelor of Life Sciences and Technologies at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), including a bachelor project focused on the tracing of cortico/thalamic connections in rodent brain slices. I then continued with a master in Neurosciences from the University of Geneva, where I had the opportunity to design and run several projects revolving around the modulation of attentional networks with EEG neurofeedback, both in healthy subjects and stroke patients.


Selected publications:

T. Ros, P. Frewen, J. Théberge, A. Michela, R. Kluetsch, A. Mueller, G. Candrian, R. Jetly, P. Vuilleumier, R. A. Lanius; Neurofeedback Tunes Scale-Free Dynamics in Spontaneous Brain Activity, Cerebral Cortex, 2017

Tomas Ros, Abele Michela, Anne Bellman, Philippe Vuadens, Arnaud Saj, and Patrik Vuilleumier, “Increased Alpha-Rhythm Dynamic Range Promotes Recovery from Visuospatial Neglect: A Neurofeedback Study,” Neural Plasticity, 2017