Symposium: Brain, Behavior, and Hormones – A Developmental Perspective on March 26th

Symposium: Brain, Behavior, and Hormones – A Developmental Perspective 

Date: March 26th, 2020

Time: 15:30 – 17:30

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Adolescence is a critical developmental stage marked by physical, physiological, hormonal, and neural changes. The occurrence of increased emotionality, impulsivity and reward-seeking behaviors during this time has been related to an imbalance between regulatory and reactive/affective neural systems. Concurrently, puberty-related hormonal processes have been linked to neural reorganization and maturation during adolescence. The current symposium deals with three functional levels relevant for developmental processes: neural, behavioral, and hormonal. The first talk will focus on the neuroendocrine system, particularly with respect to the multifaceted roles of testosterone and oxytocin.  The next talk will discuss behavior and how developmental processes can lead to health risk behavior in adolescence, highlighting the role of peers. The final talk will delve into asynchronous neural development during adolescence and address how pubertal changes can actually provide a unique window of plasticity with favorable outcomes.


Speaker Talk
Dr. Peter Bos Testosterone, oxytocin, and empathy towards children


Dr. Barbara Braams Peer influence on adolescent decision making: Dissection of relevant constructs


KEYNOTE Prof. Eveline Crone  

Contributions to society: Adolescence as a window of opportunity